How PCN AI will change the game




Brad Hudon


June 2023

How PCN AI will change the game

Semiconductors, also known as integrated circuits or chips, are recognized as the world’s most critical technology. They enable everything and are essential to our daily lives, from communications to health care and transportation. Our future is now dependent on chips doing even more. We need them to be faster, but smaller, and more energy-efficient. 

It’ll take millions of iterative improvements to change the game. These improvements need to make their way into the products we use. Right now, the ideas for change are not the problem, but the execution is. According to ZVEI, implementing one change in a chip through a complex supply chain can take months, even years. Simply put, the process is broken. PCN AI wants to fix that.

Our long-term goal with PCN AI is to reduce the process’ timeline to weeks or days. As opposed to a serial, disconnected change review process, we envision a parallel, shared assessment and impact analysis with all the stakeholders at the table. While we were reviewing an early demo of the product with a GM at one of the world’s largest memory companies, he said many companies could benefit from PCN AI. However, in his company’s case, when a change is required, their customers send four or five PhDs to meet with them. It’s a very collaborative and concerted effort. Our objective with PCN AI is to do that at scale through the supply chain, and offer it at a cost point that makes it readily available for companies of all sizes.

We’re thinking practically with a focus on rapid and iterative improvements through the supply chain. We want to be the de facto standard for PCN/PDNs. The first step in achieving this goal is to deliver solutions for specific verticals in the supply chain. We’re targeting solutions that yield maximal improvements in terms of material efficiency for both operations, sales and finance. 

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Our long-term goal with PCN AI is to reduce the process’ timeline to weeks or days.

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